Tips for Cycling Trips from Karlín

Tereza Vlková | 27.07.2023
Dirt and dust or rain, puddles, and cold! Summer in the city stinks! Says who? If the weather isn’t crazy, then hopping on a shared bike and doing something fun after work is a great way to make your summer more enjoyable even if you’re not on holiday. And Riverside Karlín makes it easy!

Today we wanted to give you some tips that are within 15 or 30 minutes that make a great place for a picnic or for some fun on shared bikes that can always be found at or around Riverside Karlín. Rekola and Nextbike offer 15 minutes for free in cooperation with Prague’s public transportation company PID and Lítačkou zdarma, while a half an hour is the shortest time for renting the bike for a single ride.

Náplavka (Prague’s Embankment) / 21 minutes

Výtoň is a comfortable ride along the Vltava River from Riverside Karlín. It’s a great way to stretch your legs while enjoy gorgeous vistas of historic Prague and the bikes can be left under the clock across from Na Hrobci street or beneath the Železniční most (Train Bridge). Great ice cream can be found right across the street at Puro or enjoy a coffee or cocktail on the embankment. However, please do not leave the bikes on the Náplavka embankment!

Holešovická tržnice (Holešovice Market) / 3 minutes

You just need to cross the river to get a quick lunch to go or buy fresh fruit and vegetables at the farmer’s market at Holešovická tržnice. If you know what you want and where to go to get it, you can even make it back within the 30 for a single ride thanks to the new HolKa Bridge!

O2 arena / 11 minutes

You don’t need a car or public transport to see a concert or a game, just take a bike along the cycling path. Just make sure you don’t get too sweaty if you’re on a date or going to be sitting near the ice! The good news is that the trip can be done in less than 15 minutes and there are special zones located around the arena to park the bikes.

Stromovka / 11 minutes

An after-work picnic isn’t possible in Karlín? Says who?! It’s just an 11-minute bike ride to the entrance to the verdant Stromovka park where you cane park the bikes and continue on foot. If you want to perfect the gram, add a baguet and a bottle of wine to the bike’s front basket and hold them down using a picnic blanket.

Letná Metronome / 11 minute

Letná is a great place to get some perspective after a hard day at work. The easiest way to get there is to take a bike from Riverside to the area under the Metronome known as pod Stalina, park your bike and climb the stairs on foot. Some enjoy the calming view of the river, while others prefer a cocktail or beer from one of the bars or beer gardens in the park.

Vojanovy sady / 13 minutes

This former convent garden offers the Chapel of St. Teresa, the Chapel of St. Elias built to look like a grotto, a small pond, a terrace with a sundial, a children’s playground, a greenhouse, and bathrooms, as well as live peacocks. It’s open until 7 p.m. every day from April to September. The entrance is from U Lužického semináře street where you can park your bikes.

Vítkov / 12 minutes

If you’re not afraid of a workout, ride up the Žižkov tunnel to Vítkov Hill. The bikes can be left at either end of the main rode along its ridge or use one of the parking areas in the nearby Žižkov streets. As a bonus, Rekola offers a free ride for riding up the hill. Then head off for a walk through the park or a tour of the National Monument on Vítkov Hill.

Have any other bike destination tips? We’d love you to share them with us!

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A new place to let your hair down

After long preparations, a new place worth a visit is opening in Karlín, offering a great atmosphere, funky drinks, and plenty of live music. It’s an exceptional space with fantastic acoustics and amazing people. Welcome to Revír near the river right in the heart of Riverside Karlín.

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You’ll enjoy your return at Riverside Karlín, and you can bring the entire family. Sceptical? Drop by from Tuesday to Thursday at our Riverside Fest. Tuesday features acoustic performances by talented young artists, Lenny will perform on Wednesday at 8 p.m., and a party is on tap for Thursday with MALALATA DJ duo. We also have sports and activities planned for the whole family, along with refreshing drinks and great food. Riverside Fest will be a fantastic celebration, so save those dates: 12-14 September.

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Barbora M. Votavová | 11.08.2023

It’s been two weeks since the 300 metre-long bridge between Karlín and Holešovice opened, connecting both neighbourhoods and the Štvanice Island for those on foot or on bikes. HolKa, as the bridge is known, was opened on July 28 by representatives of Prague’s City Hall, Prague 7, Prague 8, and co-designers Petr Tej and Marek Blank. Construction began last January and the cost totalled CZK 352 million.


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