Spring Runs from Karlín (or Just a Quick Walk)

Tereza Vlková | 20.04.2023
Spring is finally here! The switch to daylight savings time means that we have much more light after work, and the sun’s warmth is a great reason to skip public transport and take a nice walk.

Today’s article offers some tips that are a few hundred steps from your office and offer interesting places you may now know while helping you get your steps in! Walking is boring? Says who?!

Holešovická tržnice / Holešovice market

HolKa (the most eagerly awaited bridge in Prague Praze!) isn’t open just quite yet, but the other bank of the river doesn’t have to be forbidden to those of us in Riverside Karlín. We also don’t like walking across Hlávkov Biridge, but did you forget about the ferry? After work, you can use the connections at 17:03, 17:18, 17:33, 17:48, 18:03 or 18:33. You’re then in Holešovice in just a couple of minutes and those few steps on both sides of the river will lead you to great food, shopping, and cultural events. And at this time of year, don’t forget to stock up on Easter eggs!

Rozhledna Pletená / Pletená Lookout Tower

Did you know there’s a place in Karlín where you can see the whole neighbourhood from a bird’s eye perspective? Just take the 750 steps from our campus to Kasárna Karlín and add a few more steps up the stairs to the top of the Pletená lookout tower designed by sculptor Čestmír Suška. It’s a great way to work out those glute muscles at the beginning of spring! On top of that, you can complete this excursion by taking in a show at Kasárna or enjoy a drink with friends. What more could you ask for?

Hřbitovní kaple / Cemetery chapel

Have you been to the chapel in the Karlín military cemetery from 1753, which is a cultural landmark and was part of the Invalidovna? It’s right near the corner of Pernerova and Šaldova streets, and if you go to view it (but careful, it’s not usually open, so you won’t be able to see the beautiful frescos inside), a walk from the office will give you 1,500 steps towards your daily goal.

Dřezovcová alej / Honey Locust Alley

Karlín’s alley of honey locust trees in Křižíkova street (between Thámova street and Kaizlovy sady) was nominated for the Alley of the Year award in 2016. Many say the best time of year to see it is in the fall when it explodes into a kaleidoscope of colours, but we think it gives off a Parisian atmosphere all year long – and in April we can see how it gets a little greener each day! It’s a total of 1,600 steps to the alley from Riverside Karlín, meaning it’s a great way to relax, and you can make the walk more enjoyable with some great coffee from your choice of cafes like Můj šálek kávy, Do Oblak Café, and LOFT Karlín.

We believe that everyone should do something for their bodies every day, especially in this glorious spring weather. We hope we’ve given you a bit of inspiration on how to get your steps in while in Karlín and that you enjoy your trips around this great neighbourhood.

P. S.: The number of steps is orientational, as we all have a different gait.

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