A Working Lunch in Karlín? Here Are 5 Places You’re Sure to Be Satisfied

Barbora M. Votavová | 10.05.2023
An elegant atmosphere, excellent cuisine, and perfect services is what you want from a restaurant where you’re taking an important client, business partner, or any other important individual you want to make an impression on. We chose 5 places in Karlín that meet those criteria to a tee.

Escargot and meatloaf with cucumber salad on the same menu? Krystal combines the best of Czech and French cuisine. It offers lunch specials during the work week, as well as a sumptuous permanent menu. The lunches are a soup and five different entrées, while the evening menu is wider featuring a range of crispy and juicy meats. We recommend the aforementioned meatloaf, French onion soup, or fruit dumplings that taste just like the ones your Czech grandmother makes. The interior is spacious and elegant with wooden tables, large windows, an open kitchen, and decorated with old photos of Karlín. Nothing wild or too intimate, just a pleasant place where you’d be proud to take a client or business partner.

Nejen bistro

Enjoy a perfect meal made from the best fresh ingredients while gazing out at the park and church on Karlínské náměstí. It’s an ideal location for a working lunch, informal meal with your co-workers, or a nice dinner. The bistro offers a light and expansive space with seasonal dishes, with a broad range of choices that change with the seasons. There are also lunch specials: three different entrées, a starter, and a dessert. You can also sample beverages from small local producers such as Fritz Kola and Dalešický pivovar. If you’re in the right mood, you can sample their special Gin & Tonic menu.

Avocado Gang

Want to make an impression on your client? Try Avocado Gang, the first avocado restaurant in Prague. This stylish restaurant is the brainchild of Karolina Konečná, who is well-known among Czech foodies. From journalism, she went on to found Karlín’s bistro Proti proudu and wrote a popular cookbook with recipes from the island of Sardinia. Everything is based on one ingredient, and avocados are great in both sweet and savoury dishes. It may not be as inexpensive as others, but it’s worth it. The menu changes, but we recommend that no matter what you chose, you save some room for dessert, because their sweets are simply sinful!

Hong Kong

If you’ve got a craving for modern Asian cuisine, then the popular Hong Kong Karlín is the place to go, offering dim sum, authentic crispy pork, Japanese teppanyaki, bao ban, and Cantonese roast duck. The daily menu is updated every week with soups, rolls, and several entrees. Vegetarians will also find a number of possibilities, just check out the menu on the website up to a week in advance. It may not be the most wallet-friendly choice, but it is sure to please. The restaurant is very busy, so either try to get there early or make a reservation.

River Garden Grill

For an even more upscale experience, try the comfortable outdoor seating on the banks of the Vltava River offered by River Garden Grill. Sample high-end Mediterranean cuisines, steaks from local and Italian suppliers prepared on a special Montague grill, as well as a broad range of high-quality wines. Just be prepared for the cost so you don’t get sticker shock.

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Christmas is just for sitting around and eating? Says who?!
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Have you done all your shopping, decorating, and cooking? Then it’s time to take a quick skate break. The River Rink in Karlín is open and waiting for your visit. Enjoy a nice little excursion and then warm up with some delicious mulled wine from Vinařství Kubík.


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